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Back in the days when Wagi and G*dfl*sh ftp's were all the rage, I was dumping a ton of stuff not previously exposed to the net, and thus posting these titles to usenet and the ftp's. Usually requests, but very often just obscurities that I didn't think anybody on the planet kept except for me. A lot of titles that are still being passed around are ones that I uploaded, but I didn't leave watermarks or shit like that because who cares, really.

At the time, I was dumping the stuff via a SCSI zip drive on my A2000 and a bog slow parallel zip drive on the PC. Zip drives and their disks are miserably buggy and unstable (just slightly better reliability than floppies), so it was cumbersome to have to test the integrity of every file (but I did anyway).

I am currently stuck with only the occasional dumps from floppies (99% useless and futile) because I have yet to get my Siamese up and running. So I bought a null modem cable, which was also a disaster and may have even been linked to my monitor frying last week.

I've just about exhausted all avenues and fear my Amiga HD will die soon and none of the stuff will ever get dumped over (sigh)...
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