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Im not a free loader as some insinuate, call me antiquated or naive but I believe in an Emulation community where people pull together sharing - giving and taking in order to preserve the memory of once cherished systems that are no longer supported. And its something to be done in spare time as a hobby - not a business.

Thats Emulation consumerism. If I want that, Ill goto the shops and buy remakes from the companies who have the rights to do so.

Just as I believe you shouldnt emulate systems that are commercially viable (still in the shops in case you want to split hairs for the umpteenth time) either - something I know many people also disagree with. Well, thats what I believe and I have the right to do so.

Frankly extending my stance on emulators to legitimate work is ridiculous. and utterly fecitious. And since when did I say reverse engineering was easy? And just because it isnt - does it make it right and therfore worthy of payment? Its like paying a thief or a pirate the same price for a good i can buy in the shops and if i complain they'd say "it took effort to steal that you know".

And I very much do pay for things, I buy movies, I buy music, Ive paid for shareware products. But in these instances I know that the person has the right to sell it.

When an artist covers someone elses record, if they decide to sell their version the writer of the original song gets royalties. If they dont sell it, they dont. And that to me makes sense.

Well, Ive said enough. Im out of here.
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