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Why do I find it odd people think emulators are so dam easy to design that they are not worth paying for, but everybody in here wants one for their favorite system as long as its free?

I would think its easy to emulate a simple system like an early mac, c64, early console etc; but the newer systems need 10x the work and some cheating borrowing code from the developers kit to get them to work on a very fast PC.

Personally I stick with the real hardware as much as possible, but I do see the advantages of having an emulator (like me playing all the atari 2600 games using an emulator on my dreamcast).

To me somebody making utility software is no different from somebody making an emulator, each makes a product that I find useful and should be compensated for their time if I plan on using the software. Nobody is expecting $50+ for an emulator package, but having a fixed price of $5 would go along way to fund an EMU project and will not break a persons budget. The problem is most people just want everything for free and would not even pay the $5. IF the EMU community realy demands everything for free it will die out when the systems get harder to emulate because of undocumented functions (just like good game shareware died out when games got more complicated to produce).

Anyway I think I expressed my views on this subject.
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