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I have to understand Anti's point of view, emulators are a fantastic piece of kit and they never get a decent reception when they are sold to the general public. I'm a huge fan of winuae and a lot of other emulators and I've always felt a hell of a lot towards the 'authors' and will always be happy to see an update not just because it makes my experience better, but because it always helps to keep a community together.

To sell an emulator is a very blurry idea because in reality all you've done is create something that mimics similar hardware. I'm not saying that it's easy by any means, but it's a damn bizarre to make money out of someone else's idea when it's long forgotten (until the Gba came along. he he)

I would never pay for an emulator and would always be willing to donate money because I find it much more of a worthwhile cause than demanding it for them to continue.

Feel free to tear my ideals apart, I like chu chu
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