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Originally posted by Antiriad
A case in point is that of the Playstation emulator for the PC and Dreamcast - Bleem. That started out as freeware, but graduated into a very good, but charged-for product. Sony decided to sue the hell out of the company and shut it down.

Emulators should stay as donationware if the authors want to stay from being pulled through the courts.
All that proves is companies with billions of dollars and 20 lawers can take a small company to court and bankrupt them without having any legal merit. Happens all the time. Microsoft has lost tons of court cases worth billions of dollars but it doesnt matter because they are so huge that by the time your case gets to court and you win (after a few appeals and a decade later) your company is bankrupt and MS owns your market.

So basically dont ever code anything even remotely simular to whats out or somebody will get their legal stick out and beat the crap out of you. This just stifles creativity, and supporting the dont charge any money so your safe mentality just means nothing will ever come out of the project because of lack of financial support.
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