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I totally disagree with you Ant512 and Unknown_K.

I do expect others to donate their skills and time for free. I do it myself...others do also. Have you no sense of community? Or is it just all $$$ as far as youre concerned? Time shouldnt always be money ffs... Hell if i did an emulator i wouldnt charge for it. Id be satisfied from the achievement and the enjoyment of using it myself.

Oh lets see, this hardware argument of yours. The TV and DVD players are creations of the hardware firm that aren't ripping off something copyrighted. Scripts again are the unique creation of a scriptwriter. Actors are also unique and arent pretending to be another.

Retro related activites such as emulators should not be made for money by individuals. It turns it all into a illegitimate business and attracts unwarranted attention from companies and the law. It will only drive emulation into the ground.

An emulator is mimicking hardware thats the copyright of a commercial firm. So for individuals to sell emulators is as bad as selling illegal copies of the software written for them.

Therefore only the firm behind that hardware have the right to charge for an emulator they've created. So no I dont expect them to release it for free. They have the right to sell emulators and software for it. Unrelated individuals do not.
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