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The Install disk only shipped with A1200HD machines, ie. those with a pre-installed hard drive. However, all the install disk does is copy the other disks to your hard drive.

You can download an HDToolBox replacement here:

This is often much more useful than Commodore's original.

Once you have the disk prepped, boot from the Workbench floppy and tap the following into a CLI window (hope this is right; I haven't done this for years):

resident c:copy
resident c:makedir
copy df0:#? dh0: all

[wait for copying to finish, then swap to the Extras disk]

copy df0:#? dh0: all

[wait again, then insert the Fonts disk]

makedir dh0:Fonts
copy df0:#? dh0:Fonts all

[wait, then insert the locale disk]

makedir dh0:Locale
copy df0:#? dh0:Locale all

[wait, then insert the Storage disk]

makedir dh0:Storage
copy df0:#? dh0:Storage all

And that's it. The Install disk also includes a slightly modified startup-sequence, but the differences are minimal.

Maybe someone else who's installed WB from floppy recently'll check the above script to make sure I haven't missed anything.
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