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Paying For Emulators Is Just Plain Wrong

This is a thread i started on GP32x, but i feel its just as valid here.

Zodiac is setting a very bad example

Im all for giving credit, help and donations to authors of Emulators but paying for them outright? No no no and no.

Its all very well authors claim that it takes time to do them, but at the end of the day an emulator is only commerically viable because of the software library created for it. Something that the authors have nothing to do with and no right to exploit. And after all, doesnt the author of the emulator benefit from it as much as the others who download it? Surely then, he benefits from the time given to it this way? Emulation is supposed to be about preservation and nostalgia - not making profit.

This only gives emulation a even worse name as it comes across as ripping off commerical companies and is a red rag to corporate lawyers. The most recent and prominent example being CrimsonFire and their GBA emulator for the Zodiac.

It brings up emulation out of the underground and into the open and thereby naked to the scrutiny of the law which as we well know it cannot stand up against.
The Zodiac, therefore with "companies" such as Kalemsoft and CrimsonFire is doing huge damage to the emulation community with its paid for SNES, NES, GBA, SMS, GG and PCE emulators. No other platform has such a high number of these - check the X Box (and of course the GP32) emulation scene by comparison.

And now I see a former GP32 emu developer (who shall remain nameless) canvassing other Zodiac owners on the feasibility of paying for an MSX and SMS emulator as the authors of their sources "want a piece of the action"

Remember, this isnt only damaging to the scene in general it is also hurting the GP32 as emulation coders will abandon it and its free emulation scene for the sake of a fast buck on the Zodiac.
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