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Lordy, this takes me back.... My memory ain't that great from that time. Then again, I only did the vector graphics, and had pretty much nothing to do with the coding (other than "what if we added...")...... That and the fact I've had a few bottles of Smirnoff Ice :-)

If I remember the specs correctly. I had an 030 with some fastRAM, while Cobra (who coded it) just had the extra memory. Don't quote me on that, though :-)

Either spec should (?!?) work well enough on a genuine Amiga. We tested it with an 040, and it didn't want to know. Likewise with my PPC card. Tch!

I haven't actually tested it on WinUAE. I saw the video someone had recorded of it, and it looks like (from the glitches) that they possibly emulated the wrong hardware. Which is a pity, but it still brought a lump to my throat seeing people had gone to all the bother of recording it :-)

What am I talking about? Erm... Pass :-) Glad you like Symbolia.. It makes all those hours of watching TV for suitable footage worth the while.... I just hope my sister doesn't ever ask for royalites for appearing in it!!!

Gerard (aka Rastan)
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