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Since this is a PC thread and I'm an Amiga Preacher, for the sake of this board I'll have to make one Pro-Amiga post due to my first being quite neutral.

Some of these games mentioned are of course half baked ports, except settlers - that was an awesome conversion, especially if you had more ram and an 020 (not forgetting of course 2-player onscreen action). Colonization on an AGA machine was fine. No one can deny however that the PC had that area of gaming sown up with it being so well suited to these genres.

The Amiga seemed to have a strange life cycle. When it begun, it received lazy Atari ST ports. As it died, it was subjected to lazy PC ports made worse by it's much slower processor.

Some where in the middle it had a surge of wonderful exclusive titles, especially multiplayer/arcade style, that never made it to either the ST or PC in any comparable form.

It all goes back to what I said in the first post - they were two very different gaming experiences that excelled in different areas and happened to overlap here and there.

The PC literally managed to power its way past the Amiga eventually, but it never once offered as wide a range of gaming, computing and community/demoscene experience in comparison to the Amiga - that is until it was able to emulate.

Even today, you need a console and a PC to cover the all round greatness of what was the Amiga experience, then we're still missing something.

DOS PC titles back then were great and eventually the best at single player adventure/simulation/stratagy/3D. The Amiga, even towards the end of its life, managed to adequately cover these areas (in some situations better) and so much more. It had a fantastic innings did the Amiga, but now it's all out for 1,576,234.

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