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Originally posted by Bloodwych
One I’m playing at the moment, Betrayal at Krondor, is an Amazing in depth game even by today’s standards.
I think Fred was asking about games tha thad versions for both the amiga and MS DOS and that equalled or outperformed the Amiga. In that case stuff like XWing or Betrayal won't fit. But let's ask Fred about this...

As for Flashback I DO remember the animations having extra scenes, and a few more animations. I had it installed in my Amiga HD and stuff like the intro had a couple more scenes on PC for sure. I can't clearly remember about the others but chances are they were a bit more long as well...

Fury of the Furries added some loading pics and stuff on the PC, which I think WERE present in the Amiga if you HD installed, but I never got to HD install it so I cant check.
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