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Originally posted by Unknown_K
The PC was a good gaming machine way before 3d games came along. Once the soundblaster pro 2 came along (8 bit stereo sound) and games turned to VGA (640x480) I would say DOS games on the PC were as good or better then anything on the amiga (exceppt for shooters, they were never big on the PC).

SVGA and 16 bit audio + quality midi killed anything on the amiga, but by that time Commodore was on the way out anyway.
I don't agree with most of this for reasons already stated in my first post - the points are too simplified but I respect you're entitled to your opinion unknown.

Anyway, isn't this thread meant to also be about posting games equal or better than Amiga games? In other words MSDOS classics! Where are your suggestions of decent titles peeps?

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