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I didn't get a PC of my own until mid-90s, but my mother got in 1990 a 286 machine @ 10 MHz which could be used for simple VGA games.

I played EOB II on that thing, and it was a bit more responsive than on the ol' A500. Also, Sierra games were better on the PC, as the lack of a harddrive and the larger amount of disks made it difficult and annoying to play on the 500.

But for fast paced arcade games and such , and other classic Amiga stuff, the A500 was the better machine. Not to mention for serious stoff. After I upgraded to Kickstart 2.04, then it was even better. The 286 PC could hardly run Windows 3.0.

Then my A1200 with a harddrive came along and nugded the 286 PC out of the picture completely.
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