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With DOS games not being big over on the European scene at the time, we never really got much chance to sample what others may consider classics, a few of which I’m sure will show up in this thread. I’ve played loads of old school PC titles recently however and enjoy experiencing what primarily the American games market were glued to back then. One I’m playing at the moment, Betrayal at Krondor, is an Amazing in depth game even by today’s standards.

What I can’t get anywhere near is the even earlier PC titles, they were woeful. EGA beeping crap awful piles of dung from the days when Amiga owners were laughing at PC’s.

Getting back to the early to mid nineties, my friend had a 486DX and sb16 in the old dos gaming era, cost him a fortune! He was a little pissed off that the sound was so crap out of the sb16 in comparison to the Amiga. More channels perhaps, but Settlers, Eye of the Beholder, Dune II etc were all inferior sound wise and more or less identical graphically to his PC at the time. Midi music just doesn’t compare to the Amiga and its custom samples. I also just couldn’t get used to those blocky graphics in VGA mode – games at this resolution looked better in good old TV 50Hz!

Out of those old School DOS games my friend owned, titles such as Wing Commander, X-Wing/Tie fighter and some of the adventures really made me want a PC. Those were the titles starting to make use of the pure CPU horsepower available from the 486. Like you said, it was the time when 3D gaming was beginning to blossom and the PC began to get exclusive titles thanks to its popularity in the US. I have to say however that when we went round we’d play ten times more on the Amiga than the PC – it just had better onscreen multiplayer and in most areas superior 2D games, a department where the PC still struggled.

PC’s of that era (in fact very similar to today) are great for individual gaming in 3D, completing graphic adventures and Simulators. In a time before internet or serious LAN, they were not for groups of kids wanting multiplayer mayhem and that’s what we were primarily doing over here at the time - kicking each other arses at Sensi Soccer, Speedball, Supercars 2, deathmatches on Bloodwych , Biplanes, Stunt Car Racer/Populous linkups etc etc.

Over here, consoles such as the SNES and Megadrive were next in line in our gaming hearts, well before the expensive PC made any kind of serious impact. So yes Fred we here at EAB are in need of a Classic MSDOS gaming guide! It certainly must include some of the best single player titles of the mid nineties.

As I’ve already mentioned, my Choice is “Betrayal at Krondor”. Story line written by a recognised Author, great cut scenes, unique battle system and first person walk around perspective. The midi style music works perfect for this kind of title also. A true classic from 1993 and must rate as one of the most in depth, non-linear adventure titles ever to be released. Best of all it’s true freeware and can be downloaded from almost anywhere. Go and get it now!
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