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MS Dos Games equal or better than Amiga games

What I have noticed on this board.
Nary a being discusses or praises MS Dos gaming.
I know, the intricate problems with VESA, EMS memory, and sound card incompatability in the days when MS Dos started to overtake Amiga as king of the computer gaming platforms leaves a bad taste in our mouths.
But when the game makers got it right, utilizing the fresh new VGA video and the legendary Soundblaster 16 or Ad Lib sound cards, the games often matched the Amiga versions of the same game.
I noticed, while testing abandonware on DosBox, that around 1992, many MS Dos games were exclusive to x386 and x486 platforms.
Not that Amiga could not handle many of these games, but the developers decided MS Dos was the way to go.

In any case, I've started this thread to see what you guys think of this..

Also, here is the place to get the superb DOSBox emulator.

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