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Hmm the SNK MVS...yes every home has one...I somehow doubt its sales figures match any of Nintendo's or Sega's 8 & 16bit machines.

And I was specifically talking about Tramiel era Atari not the one before it. When he took over it became for all intents and purposes a different company.

And Im sorry, as far as Im concerned whats big in Japan means less than success in the US and Europe. Its these two markets that matter.

Finally chill dude, Im not praising Sony...Im just stating the facts that their two machines have made a tonne of money and dominated the market. I dont like them anymore than you do and hope that Nintendo - who I admire for its appreciation of its heritage pull through. But I doubt it as Sony are a ruthless bunch...I hope Im wrong as its always sad to see great companies like Atari, Commodore and Sega disappear.
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