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Originally posted by CU_AMiGA
But what about the GP32? It is going to get a Europian release.
No it isn't, this was planned for a year or so ago, but it was cancelled. Production of the GP32, as a matter of fact, has ceased a few months ago. Try to get some information.

As for SNK, Atari etc. being underachievers... fer chrit's sake, you can't tell me that. SNK has made one of the most used and pushed arcade hardwares in existance, the MVS. Atari has made the 2600 and all that stuff.. Is that underachievement? The Nec PCEngine OWNED the Famicom, genesis AND SNES in japan.

I think you need to look outside of your country for defining a platform's success or failure. The Saturn and dreamcast, which you define as "failure", have been tremendous hits in japan. Also, the Dreamcast was re-released in the US after the production has been canceled, by popular demand or something like that.

Underachievers? With all they have done? However you praise Sony who have two consoles in their record, and who have done nothing gaming-related, ever?

How would you define an achievement in gaming, then?
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