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Originally posted by manicx
As Akira said, Gameboy and handhelds are synonymous.
Right now, I would say "fortunately", but a bunch of years ago I would of said "unfortunately"!

This attachment to the gameboy brand regarding handhelds has made a BRILLIANT machine like the NeoGeo Pocket Color to fade away with little attention, when it was actually a complete Gameboy Color beater. It also made the Game Gear, Turbo Express, Lynx and any others that would face it, bite the dust of defeat. Even when there were machines FAR MORE technically sophisticated than the Gameboy, and in cases, with better games than the Gameboy.

I think the GBA has not decreased this and this is my reason as to why Nintendo will keep the crown. And today I say "fortunately" because Nintendo is the *only* one still standing that is a true "for gamers " company. The rest feels like "hey, the videogame market moves millions, let's jump in"
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