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That first link does a model for £329 + VAT. So like I said, the same price as an Amiga back in the day. Considering inflation, even the more expensive model is on par with old school Amiga prices.

Incredible how cheap standard PC tech is in comparison to this these days. This is a reminder of how expensive custom computers used to be back in the late eighties!

Still, they are well overpriced, especially when you consider you can get a shuttle Nforce 2 SFF with a top of the range Athlon XP, 3000+ DDR etc for less using mainly standard parts. You can also build an ITX custom PC in a very cool looking case for less if you don’t mind having a separate keyboard. Just do a search for “ITX Flex” in google to see what I mean!

That's the price you pay for going none mainstream I guess. The modded X-Box is definitely much cheaper in many ways and has a huge scene going for it.

It's just this thing has SOOO much old school appeal. I mean just look at the pic below. It could almost be a modern A1200 inside. The RAM in the same position as the Amiga trapdoor, the CPU position, disk drive, expansion slot on the left. OLD SCHOOL.

But is it worth it? Hmmmmmmmmm. Probably not, but I may still get one at some point. Don’t like Laptops.

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