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Wow pricey, but worth it i guess..

You can get a 2.6gig laptop for 200 more! that goes anywhere!! but oh my gosh that thing looks gorgeous!!

Whoa if the cheapest one is 475 with only 1.7 gig and 128mb ram

You will definatley definately need at least another 128mb - if win2k is just about okay on 128, xp will be ridiculous!!


128MB ddr 333 is only £13.50
256 is £22.99

I do wonder how well that sis chipset will do opengl n64 but its probably okay!!

EDIT: OH MY GOODNESS, Okay changed it from basics to the stuff youd need - $1200 something!!

If seen a nice all-in-one black thing (similair to an imac but with a nice tft instead, and smaller) on ebuyer for about 400.. cant seem to find it atm..

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