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Originally posted by ant512
That Gametrac thing looks quite good. It'd be fairly easy to develop for if it runs WinCE. Maybe we'll see some DreamCast-Gametrac ports?
Come on, that thing can't be as fast as a dc,can it?

As for Nintendo DS specs. Here are the specs sent to developers:
Main Processor ARM946E-S
Subprocessor: ARM7TDMI

Main Memory: 4 Mbyte
ARM9/ARM7 for use together - 32kB (16kb*2)
ARM7 specialty use interior work RAM: 64kB
VRAM: 656kB

Screen size (dimensions)
RGB (6,6,6)

2D graphic Engine (A,B)
Background: 4 screens max.
Objects: 128 max.

3D graphic engine

Polygons: 120K/s
Pixels: 30M/s

Sound: 16ch (max 8ch of PSG
Microphone Input

Wireless communication: IEEE802.11 base protocol

Input devices
Touch panel
crosskey, A, B, R, L, Start, Select (X, Y to be determined?)

Sleep Mode
"WakeUp" alarm clock within game with 3 functions
clicky here for picture of thsi sheet. in japanese
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