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Zero footprint PC's do have one good use

Know what EABers, I miss the times of the almighty all in one desktop computer.

You know the style, C64, Amiga, ST, CPC464. The good old days where you'd treat your keyboard with respect because spilling crap over it could mean machine death.

In fact, I'm so sick of not ever being likely to see a new non-PC all-in-one desktop ever again, that I'm even considering building a retro emulation machine out of this.

Yes, it's the infamous zero footprint PC. The makers tried to make out it was revolutionary at the time, but we slagged them off for their ridiculous comments in a previous thread.

These machines really do have little use around food and drink, lack upgrade paths and hit the wallet - just like the good old days!!!!

I'm seriously considering buying one of these purely as a retro emulation box. After all, it wouldn't need upgrading, as the highest machine I want to emulate is the last of the non-CD/DVD breed - the N64. Imagine using this for mame, running WinUAE ect ect - it'll be fantastic and about as close to old school as you could get. Wonder if TV out is available for it???? That would be perfect.
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