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I wrote a game in AMOS called Textris - will post it in the Zone in a minute if you want to try it. Basically, letters fall down the grid tetris like and you have to arrange them to make words. Not as boring as it sounds though (you'll see why)! It only has a dictionary of about 10,000 words though.

I'm currently working on an updated version for Amiga. This one has some great animated aspects plus a full dictionary. I'm well chuffed with the word search - it takes under a second to check a full grid with a dictionary of over 30,000 words - and it does the check while also doing 3 seperate sprite animations!

I'm really having problems getting it all to run in 2 meg of memory though - and I've got to put the game end code and highscores code inplace + there's no sound at the moment.

Min requirements at the moment are...

68030 @ 25 MHz
2 meg chip, 1 meg fast.
HD only.

Aiming for...

68ec020 @ 14 MHz
2 meg chip
Floppy and HD.

Anything I write has to run primarily on a real Amiga and preferebly on a base A1200.
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