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Thumbs down Okay woodies got his sensible head on today

Any gizmo sold today is on the back of a long teaser advertising campaign

As in Apples " Blown away" next G seies & i-pod

Making technojunkies salivate over a potensialy NEW product requires multi-million $$$$ advertising

And thats without R&D

Amstrad machines were'nt original they used general components & died trying to undercut the market

Its not about pricing it's selling the idea & having the finacial stamina to see a NEW idea through

you can buy the patents to re-manufacture classic cars using the OLD companies panel dies & casts .

Then sell at inflated prices your EXCLUSIVE rebuild

However Dastardly NEW AMIGA a sucess ?

NEVER the name , concept & imagery would have to be or APEAR original to get attension in todays techno fashion market

Failed brandnames don't sell in mass quantity

Short life BUZZ word products DO !

Think of a name & become a millionaire

Any suguestions for the Big boys to steal ?

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