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Would an 'Amiga' be a success today?

Yeah another Dastardly 'what if' thread

My question is if a machine like an Amiga was released these days, would it be a similar success? or is the market just too different these days?

Im thinking along the lines of a modern Amiga with a CD drive instead of floppy and capable of handling the modern games.
A machine that is a home computer/keyboard/games machine all in the one unit (like the A500).
A machine that has the stability of an Amiga (unlike PC), the ability to allow creativity (unlike a console) and the user friendliness for beginners as well as experienced users.

I ask this because Im sick of my PC having problems that I dont have enough tech knowledge to fix and using consoles that are only for games.

It seems to me that theres a gap in the market, but would an Amiga type machine sell these days?
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