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Originally posted by Syko
Actually he produced the Siamiese System which I have in it's V2.5 guise.

If I knew squat about programming for it, I'd try to update the s/w, if there's anyone out there who likes that kind of thing you can get the s/w off Aminet. What would be even better, is if whoever owns the IP would release the code...
The Siamese is indeed excellent, although I found the WindowsOnPC thing somewhat buggy. I've got the original one with the hardware monitor switcher. You can switch between the PC and Amiga screens with Amiga+C, and control each with the others mouse and keyboard.

A while ago, I mailed Paul Nolan at his current company, about getting the source code to update it work on Windows2000/XP. I didn't get a reply.
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