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Originally posted by ant512
So, along side the Access, he produced a useless prototype PCI card and an unfinished motherboard? I don't think I could have done better, but I doubt anybody here could do any worse...
OK.. put it to a poll elsewhere... who is qualified and able to do better and lets see who is big headed enough to think they could do EVEN AS WELL as producing one machine.

I seriously doubt anyone here could do as well let alone better (obviously apart from yourself who clearly has an inflated opinion of himself).

Its very easy to sit back and criticise others.... please enlighten us about your own electronics expertise? How many systems have you designed?

About the only person I would say is really qualified to BITCH about Mick Tinker is probably that guy making the Nueron (Austex Software) or Oli H-Day making the Coldfire accelerator.
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