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Originally posted by DrBong
If you want to blame someone, then blame Mick Tinker. The guy certainly lived up to his name.....never finished any of his Amiga hardware projects from memory. When he ran into problems with one project, he'd start up/return to another. He always cried wolf when he missed a deadline (and there were many!), with the reasons often involving everyone/everything but himself. His Amiga projects died largely because investers like Blittersoft kept seeing shit-all return on their money and eventually got sick of his empty promises to deliver. I also suspect he just didn't have the talent to pull off what were technically quite ambitious projects. As an aside, I think AntiGravity were the only ones who made some money out of Tinker's projects, only because they ripped-off customers who had preordered the BoXer. I'm pretty sure that Blittersoft did the right thing by their customers.
You obviously choose to ignore all the internet posts from people who were fed up with Blittersoft rips off over PPC cards. Do a Google search for Blizzard PPC Blittersoft and look.

As to the "quite frankly crap" statement about Tinker. Well, Access was finished and quite a few sold. Inside Out was finished but Paul Nolan (of Photogenics fame) didnt finish the s/w and yes, Boxer wasn't.

Could you do any better? Didn't think so...
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