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Originally posted by tin
Yeah what happened with that shit? I was itching to buy a boxer for 4 bazillion years while blittersoft kept "announcing" it, and the 12000 different "improvements" which kept delaying it, then suddenly Mick Tinker (I think?) Said "sod this, I'm off, all projects are dead" and ran off into the night!?

Whats that all about? Did they not have enough time to work on it or something?

Why didn't he sod the improvements, get the one he was working on out the door and move on to boxer II? Mad - no wonder nobody made any money!
I blame Blittersoft aka Shittersoft... They were a commercial business so they should have managed Mick Tinker.

I should have an Access board soon but I would have really liked the Inside Out "Amiga on a PCI card".... oh what a missed opportunity that was...
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