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I gave up on Amiga Inc I guess about a year ago. And I knew there was something wrong when they came up with the idea of the coupons and you had to pay for joining the 'amiga club'

I'm an amiga fan, not a real die hard fan but somebody who has good memories of this machine as it is a part of my youth.
To me the amiga was more about the 'feel' than the hardware though in the beginning this was the same thing.
Although emulation is quite good now and Toni certainly was able to lift it to the next level, for some reason I still don't get the same feel as I had with the real amiga.
Lately, also about a year I guess, I got interested in Aros. To me this is now a worthy possible successor to the Amiga OS. Only thing is, I don't know if it will ever get there because there's not that many people working on it. This project is open source and if the amiga community would back it, I'm sure we would have an OS which could hold it's own in no time.

Just dreaming I guess

Anyway Amiga Inc should no longer use this name because there's absolutely no relation between that company and Amiga
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