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Congratulations, Amiga Inc. you just sold the best thing about the Amiga, the OS. Now there's absolutely nothing less, Amiga Inc. should no longer have the rights to call themselves Amiga Inc.

Anyway, I wish the Amiga would stay an Amiga, not some cheap ppc/pc alternative. What makes the AmigaOne so much better than a Mac for instance, besides that fact that it (is about to) run AmigaOS, and the fact that there's even less software available for it than on the Mac? Probably the only reason I don't own a Mac, but a PC, is because there's no support on it for games, which is my biggest interest right now. And that's pretty strange, 'cause I don't even play many PC games, but I want to be able to if I want one (the last one I bought was Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon if you don't count the subscription of Best Games which sends one new game each month).

But still, I also think it's fun to push the A1200 to it's fullest, and see how it compares with a PC, in doing everyday tasks (internetsurfing, IRC, FTP, Jabberwocky - or MSN/ICQ on PC, e-mail). I've grown fond of for example Elbox, who created the oh-so-fantastic Mediator cards, which enables me to use cheap PC-components on my Amiga, thus saving a lot of cash from not having to use the expensive Amiga alternatives.

In short, the true Amiga is dead commercially (in which I mean there's only a handful of serious developers left who supports and only exists because of the niche market that's called Amiga-fanatics), but I still use it, and will continue to use it as long as it can do at least half of the tasks my PC can do, simply because it's more fun using an amiga, and the feeling you get when you show people that my 10 year amiga equipped with 5-10 year old PC hardware can look so much better than even today's PCs and do most of the everyday tasks a PC does today almost just as easily is worth all the money I spent on my Amiga the last 10 years.

That's why my Amiga is still my favourite, and the fact that I have nearly 1000 amiga games on my amiga harddrive isn't exactly a downside. My old man joked about if I get divorced, she could have my PC and I would have to keep the Amiga. I didn't see where the joke was...that's what I would have wanted...
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