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Team17 Anthology CD32!

On behave of my friend Tony, I'd like to invite you all to experince the new V1.2 of Team17 Anthology for CD32, CD32 SX-1 and CD32 SX32-PRO.

This is a CD32 compilation with all Team17's games (30 games).
Especially for the disks versions that was not accessible from a simple CD32.

Alien Breed & Story Disk (Whdload)
Alien Breed Special Edition (CD32)
Alien Breed II AGA (CD32)
Alien Breed 3D AGA (Whdload) Needs 4Mb
Alien Breed 3D II AGA (Whdload version 2Mb if 6Mb)(Whdload version 4Mb if 8Mb)
Alien Breed Tower Assault AGA (CD32 version with FMV if 68020) (Whdload version if 68030)
All Terrain Racing (CD32)
Apache (Whdload)
Apidya (Whdload)
Arcade Pool AGA (CD32 if 2Mb) (Whdload if 4Mb)
Arcade Snooker AGA (HD)
Assassin (Whdload)
Assassin Special Edition (Whdload)
Body Blows (WHdload)
Body Blows Galactic (ECS Whdload if 2Mb) (AGA Whdload if 4Mb)
Cardiaxx (Whdload)
F17 Challenge (Whdload if 2Mb) (CD32 if 4Mb)
Full Contact (Whdload)
Kingpin AGA (HD)
Overdrive (Whdload)
Project X (Whdload)
Project X Special Edition (CD32)
Qwak (CD32)
Speris Legacy AGA (CD32)
Super Stardust AGA (Whdload if 4Mb)
Superfrog (CD32)
Ultimate Body Blows AGA (CD32)
Waggle-O-Mania (HD with RunOldies)
Worms (CD32) Needs 4Mb
Worms The Director's Cut AGA (HD) Needs 4Mb

01 Worms Title 05:42
02 Ultimate Body Blows Ingame 02:09
03 Ultimate Body Blows Ingame 03:09
04 Ultimate Body Blows Ingame 02:32
05 Ultimate Body Blows Ingame 02:38
06 Ultimate Body Blows Ingame 02:49
08 Ultimate Title 1 02:24
09 Ultimate Body Blows End 00:19
10 Ultimate Body Blows Loose 00:10
11 Alien Breed Uncut (Menu) 16:45

Nearly all games are playable from a 2Mb CD32.
If your CD32 has Fast memory or a 68030, the games will be optimised for a faster loading.

If your using WinUAE, add 2MB Fast memory to speed up the games.

I have made this CD (522MB) availabe for free together with Bips 200 CD32 game collection and Synchro Amiga Tribute CD v1.0 and v1.1. Currently I have pretty much heavy traffic all day so thats why im searching for people who have FTP's running that can make the CD availabe for download like me. Just let me know and I'll upload it myself

Name: CD32
Pass: CD32
Port: 21
Note: offline at night
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