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Manuals and Links

Some people in IRC were saying today about how good AmigaMOS was, and as I feel I need to do SOMETHING which is remotely useful for the Amiga community, I thought I may as well continue on where they left off in regards to their links and manuals section.

I already have a links section up with 76 site links, so expanding that shouldn't be a problem, and I am going to start setting up the manuals section tommorow.

So basically, I need people to do a few things if possible.

Firstly, I need links to Amiga sites of any variety, excluding the ones currently on this page -

And secondly, I need people to send me manuals for anything and everything, games, software, hardware etc (all Amiga, obviously).

Regarding getting the files to me, the easiest thing to do if just e-mail them to me at - Please try to note who converted or wrote them out as well so they can be credited on the site.

Any ideas or such?
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