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Originally posted by Akira
The Amiga Era ended in 1997 or 1998 man, nothing that came after Commodore went bust was good to the Amiga community. Shit after shit after shit was thrown to the community and they kept on going regardless, supporting these fuckheads. I supported them until 1999 or so, until I got sick of being fistfucked by Amiga Inc. This brings me to the next quote... I wonder what those zealotic gits have to say as well, I'll pay a visit. I bet they will say "KMOS is great you'll see!"....
KMOS is great you'll see!

I'm interested in AmigaOS 4 and the future of that product, I don't care that much about anything else (DE, Amiga Inc. etc.). Amiga Inc. some day taking over development of this brilliant product was an awful thought.

They're incompetent and broke. I stopped counting their lies years ago. Their egos are way bigger than their brains (read the "About Amiga" paragraph - the "Multimedia pioneer established in 1985 blah..." crap - they really *do* believe that).

I don't know much about KMOS yet, except that they have money
and their CEO has a pretty impressive track record (in contrast to "BillMcEwen"). *Way* better than Amiga Inc.

WTF does KMOS have to do with the Amiga at all? What Amiga experience do they have?
As much as Escom, Viscorp or Gateway, i.e. nothing/none.

The difference is: In contrast to previous owners, they specifically bought AmigaOS, unlike Gateway (who just wanted to increase their patent portfolio) or Amino Inc. (who were only interested in the trademarks and developers blindly following those trademarks).

IF they do release Amiga OS 4 (End of this year? Wasn't it being released earlier?), it's gonna be the last straw for the Amiga computer.
"Later this year", not "End of this year". The planned release schedule for OS4 is exactly the same as it was prior to this announcement.

Amiga Inc. has done it well to bury the Amiga waaaay deep. I also don't understand their situation, and WHY do they have to use the Amiga name in the direction they are taking. At first it kind of made sense. but now?
It still does make sense, it's about brand recognition. I wouldn't count on DE anyway, I have my doubts that they'll ever come up with something interesting.

They're now "working" on it for four years and nobody has seen anything from DE.
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