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Tiny Bobble Beta Released - A new Bubble Bobble arcade port

Hi, we just released Tiny Bobble. You can download here:

Here are some improvements over the original amiga game that you find in TINY BOBBLE:
50 fps (instead of 25fps)
32 colors (instead of 16)
150 items (instead of 40?)
Original screen height of 224 pixel (was only 200 pixel)
Almost all sprite animations (had only ~20% of animations)
Progress Screen (was not available)
Big Enemies every 16th level (was not available)
Player Two Join animation (was not available)
Animated Extend screen (was not animated)
Big Score images (was not available)
Single file (needed a disk)
Animated intro (no bubbles were available)
Animated Boss fight (was a still image)
Multiple endings (had only one ending)

DISCLAIMER: In intense scenes or when playing with two players there can be some slowdown. Playing on A1200 is the cure

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