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Originally posted by Bobsonsirjonny
OK lets see... remove the flaming. Remove the fighting, remove the splitting. You are right, its nowt like it is now...

But what did we have.. we used to have a bunch of ppl that would pull together, promote the platform and make cool software... We were a strong community.

Or maybe you dont remember those days, as you are still an adolecent
That makes a good community... But, the things you mentioned as bad made the Amiga scene good. Several groups fighting for power, racing to release things a second before other groups, cracking the game thought uncrackable, creating demos that do things thought impossible, etc.. The C64 scene was great because of this too, and was great to be around. I don't see any of this energy in the GP32 community. There are a handful of developers that do emulators and other blah ports. Where is the real originality? If I wanted to play Doom, I'd play it on any of the other 25 more suitable platforms.
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