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Cool My black A4000T

Just finished the last of all the spraying and it doesn't look too bad. Trying to go around the lights was hard. I tried the grease trick on them and that worked to an extent but wasn't perfect, but regardless, I think everyone would agree that it looks better than the original yellowed beige

The reason I hadn't removed the sticker was because it just refused to come off no matter what I did, so it stayed

This shows the case open with all the drives. You cant see the drive lights in this one, but it looks good normally.

As there isn't actually an A4000 in it at the moment the Speed display on the front, the power light and the drive light on and below the display were turned off, but that also looks better normally.

The case doesn't look that patchy and rough, that is just what the flash does to it as everything normally ends up looking awful under a flash anyway.

But still, I think it's a nice step up from beige so I am happy (especially the mixed colour drives.

The 2 internal drives came out the bast for the simple reason the front facia comes out, WITHOUT the drive flap and you can take out the transparent bits for the LED to shine through, so I had no problem spraying them.

Anyways, what do you all think?
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