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I made an update to the amiga tribute cd mostly for my own sake since i found this cd a real gem =), anyway i uploaded it to codys ftp if you want to try it out.

AmigaTribute CD 1.1
Used new Winuae 0.8.25 for all games HD etc.
Renamed all adfs to Tosec
Packed all adf -> adz to save space
Packed all winuae exes with aspack to save space
Added New holo-drive with latest AIAB and scalos
Replaced all adfs marked [a] and [b] with proper tosec 0.27 adfs
Added 14 whdload games to new holo-drive
Tweaked whdload configs to use Jit and AGA where suitable

Note, I have not changed the launch gui and tried to preserve the original content.
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