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Ok manicx, I stand corrected. You have tested it. Not all games are appropriate for a handheld - but only because of control factors - ie mouse games. But thats inevitable...

Still, the only emus that arent full speed are Gens, Snes, Lynx and CPC. My ratings were for all round performance not this factor alone if anyone was confused.

The CPC one hasnt been released so doesnt count and the Snes is quite playable now, and should be even faster when the ARM cpu core comes along.

So really, its the Gens and Lynx to point the finger at for now. Lynx apparently looks impossible due to its hardware (designed by Jay Miner wasnt it?) but Gens *could* be done seeing the SNES was more advanced.

GBA and Amiga emulation is unrealistic, still MAME is on its way which should be fab especially if it can do games from the late eighties. Nevertheless, the software library of the emulated systems is enormous

If i could afford a Zaurus id get one. I still think the GP32 represents good value for money tho.

Anyway, my apologies for getting on my high horse but I did think you were a little too harsh and dismissive of Gameparks fab handheld.
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