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Re: Yet another 4gig limit thread?

You shouldn't name the formatted volume the same as the partition. AmigaDOS easily becomes confused about like-named objects. Format your DH0 partition as System, DH1 as Work, DH2 as Data, DH3 as Music and so on (just an example).

AFAIK there is no partition size limit below 4GB. Create one 500MB system partition, one 2000MB work partition and one 1500MB backup partition and you'll be fine. (Note that if a partition has more than 2GB of free space, some programs might report negative values or refuse to copy files to it).

Also these 4.3 "gig" sound much like 4.3 billion bytes which actually is 4 gig (just below the limit). HDToolbox should give you the value in "real" gigs.
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