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The GP32 isnt dead and even if it did "die" it would linger on as we are - already ppl are making mods etc.. Furthermore Gamepark's parent company is kinda big as well.. for a clue as to who they may be have a look inside one

Gamepark have kinda been annexed a little - and told to get on with it. They were started as basically a pet project by some exec.. and it just took off. Gamepark need more pennies though to push it further afield.. one fears the parent company is loosing interest. A great product spoilt by mis-management.. where have we seen that before?

I for one quite like the control, its microswitched, and due to its "sticky out" design can be controlled with the same fluidity as a joy stick - that is to say you dont have to take your thumb off it when moveing it.

Playing Speedball 2 through caSTaway is great!

[edit ---- adding link to pic of GP32 so you can see the microswitched control pad. ]
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