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Originally posted by Antiriad
And whats this bull about not being able to play games not designed for a handheld device? Again - have you any experience to draw from? No, as always its you having your own little opinion which isnt based on facts but your imagination.
I had the chance to use a GP32 2 weeks after its release in Asia. A game that is not designed for a handheld is a game that need a Joystick to play it. Try to play sensible Soccer or Kick Off 2 in a handheld. Yes you can play certain games but when controls have to be fast and accurate, the GP32 pad is not good. Mind you that many conversions from the Atari/Amiga to the handhelds had different implementations in the controls in order to be playable.

And your harping on about production ceasing for the GP32 and no support from the creator...hmmm....sound familiar? Thats funny, and yet were all here still talking about a machine which stopped being made 10 years ago ffs!!!
No it's not familiar. Commodore built a great market and a great legacy for their machines. The GP32 died sortly after its release. It's not the same and the market dynamics are completely different. If you want to compare the GP32 with a familiar market choose this of the Sam Coupe.

Oh and have you seen the price of PPCs and a Zaurus? The GP32 is much cheaper. Were not all moneybags you know...
Each one of us gets something for his taste. The Zaurus or PPCs are best value for money nonetheless.

And if you prefer your PC and ST fine, but id like to see you try to play them on the move...
Well, if I want something on the move, I will get a Zaurus (just need to be patient for another couple of months ). Linux in your palm...
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