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Yes Djay I own one. And im probably the nearest GP32 owner to your good self.

Oh and ManicX, once again I dispute your "insights" on the dont own one and are unaware that the emulators arent all slow.

And frankly, I didnt buy the GP32 for modern shite games. If i wanted that crap Id get a stupid GBA.

And whats this bull about not being able to play games not designed for a handheld device? Again - have you any experience to draw from? No, as always its you having your own little opinion which isnt based on facts but your imagination.

And your harping on about production ceasing for the GP32 and no support from the creator...hmmm....sound familiar? Thats funny, and yet were all here still talking about a machine which stopped being made 10 years ago ffs!!!

Oh and have you seen the price of PPCs and a Zaurus? The GP32 is much cheaper. Were not all moneybags you know...

And if you prefer your PC and ST fine, but id like to see you try to play them on the move...

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