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One hundred games eh

Ok heres one slight prob.....How did i make the games run direct from the cd ???? Well each game is a Winuae standalone set to a default setting( which just happens to be a particular game )

one disk games = no probs
two disk games =Well......Lets use ALIEN BREED as an example.....2 disks....but they both require DF0!!! .....This means winuae just WONT read the second floppy in DF1!!!

No matter how sophisticated Winuae is at the moment it still wont let SOME games load in that way....

Basicly you CAN have a ten disk game and ten floppy drives but they will all require DF0!!

There is however an answer..IE Amiga Doom!!! this baby i blagged as a HDD but basicly its still a standalone Winuae but with a altered workbench startup sequence .......So the prob then is to make sure the games on more than 2 floppys that require DF0! only are all hdd installable to get around this.....

The cd looks simple but HONEST!!! A lot of work and headaches were caused testing configs and games...making HDDS that are only 10 meg to run a game from dont see them ...all you need to do is click the load button

Having said that ITS NOT A PUT OFF......What i mean is games will have to be selected that either use all available drives or are HDD installable......Or they just cant run without human intervention ( and that kind of kills the uniqueness of the dvd......

Anyway the ideas are fantastic !! but we need to consider the above when picking 100 games for the runnable menu's
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