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Just a sidepoint, but regarding 3D doom-esque games on the Amiga demonstrated an inherent weakness in the Amiga's capabilities-namely that the "chunky pixel" 3D mode of games like Wing Commander, Doom etc. that were easily done on the PC proved problematic on the Amiga.

I recall the programmer interviews etc.,(like the extensive one done with Nick Pelling regarding Wing Commander in The One), mentioned their having to emulate the PC's screen's "byte per pixel" effect in software realtime on the Amiga-which given the Amiga's 68000/'020 CPU's in the A500 & A1200 limited the speed & amount of colours that could be used. It was amongst those reasons that planned 256 colour conversions of titles like Syndicate were dropped.

They did of course try to address the issue with that Akiko chip in the CD32, but it seemed a little too late given that CBM were in too dire straights to prevent the inevitable company meltdown.

I still find it annoying that for all the glorious CPU horsepower, we still don't see a more graduated/realistic gaming A.I.-I've read of GT4 planning to introduce concepts like CPU cars competing with each other as well as the human player, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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