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Originally posted by Antiriad
Id rate the emulation of platforms on the GP32 as follows:

C64: 8/10
CPC: 5/10
GBx: 8/10
GENS: 4/10
LYNX: 3/10
MSX: 8/10
NES: 8/10
PCE: 6/10
SMS|GG: 8/10
SNES: 7/10
ST: 8/10
ZXS: 7/10

Alright, not perfect but not bad nonetheless. The GP32 IS something special compared to the GBA, its nearest competitor. I have no regrets plumbing for the former over the latter.
For me, getting an emulator is all about speed. I think it is ridiculous struggling with a handheld to emulate old hardware at slower speed. It's masochistic. I prefer a handheld with its own games and good support. GP32's games were disappointing. Also, the disappointing thing is that all emulators of older gandheld games are not good. It would be great to have 10/10 for all older handhelds. The reason is simple: Handheld games for Gameboy, Lynx etc were made for handhelds. Games for consoles were made for TV screens and monitors. As a result, you are missing certain aspects and most important, proper controls. Just try to play fast action games made for the ST using the GP32 joypad.

Although the GP32 is a nice piece of hardware, it has no support from the creator anymore. Production ceased a while ago. If I want something with power and emulators, I would go for a PPC or Zaurus. They have all the power and support to have 10/10 emulators. If I want a handheld console, I will go for GBA. It has excellent support and nice wee games. If I want emulators for the SNES, Megadrive etc, I will use the PC. As for the ST, I prefer my real STE.
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