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>.Just wondering whether you guys think theres room for another >DVD version of Tribute much bigger

I think its a great idea , if you want some help perhaps i can contribute?!

I have already started modifying the current Tribute CD with the lastest Winuae to be able launch the "adz" files and tweaking some configurations for better performance.

Alot of games could benefit from cpu: jit mode like doom for example and alot of good AGA games could be included.

It would be great if the assassin pd collection which is included on the CD could be launched from a menu selection and if the latest AIAB with scalos could be launched "on the fly" from the CD.

I was thinking of using tugid to rename all disk images on the cd with the Tosec names to better get an idea of what's there..

Another idea, Making another Tribute CD with a theme like including, reviews and screenshots from the excellent threads:

Cody Jarrett's Splendid Top 20 Shareware
CodyJarrett's Amazing Top 20 Amiga Games

With codys permisson of course
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