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Originally posted by zerohero
Thanks, Synchro for a great CD compilation i haven't had much time playing with it but i think the layout is great for the games and the artificial workbench.

I have a couple of questions too

The games seems to work ok but the ones that is in the adz format compressed doesn't run from the cd, i have to run them from a locally installed verison of uae. I suspect that winuae needs to have access to a writable media to decompress the packed adf and that it uses the current directory on the cd??

Does anybody have a workaround for this i would really like to run the games from the cd.

The "CD Boot" option, is it for rebooting the computer and autostarting the Tribute cd or booting on an amiga cd??

Oh yes, i uploaded the Tribute Cd to codys ftp ...
Thanks for the feedback
The cd boot basicly for running amiga magazine cd's from your pc cd rom drive......It does work but its been a while since i tried....Let me have a go and get back to you with further info

Ok...I just tried it and it works....pop an AMIGA MAGAZINE disk into your cd rom......follow the onscreen instructions and the cd will boot as if it was in an amiga....However there are 2 things to consider

1...It wont run cd32 cd;s

2...your drive configerations may make a difference...when this was made almost everyones PC was setup as A.C.D not sure secondary masters or slave cd's will boot them....Its a case of playing with it

The ADZ problem..........well as long as you have GZIP.EXE in your winuae dir it should work fine......Could be a winxp thing as GZIP was dos based i think ????? It used to work on 98 but it doesnt seem to on my xp ??? Can anyone running win98 confirm this ..

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