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Sir Godber
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Smile OT? Wtd. for scanning - certain Moonstone reviews/previews...

Hi all,

First of all, sorry mods if this is the wrong forum to post in, but I just couldn't decide where to put this post! It should get a wide audience in this forum anyhows...

I'm the Webmaster of the Moonstone Tavern, which is (funnily enough) a fansite for Moonstone. It's located at btw. I'm in the process of the trying to locate and scan as many magazine bits and peieces about the game as possible. It's all going reasonably well (see but there are still a few floating around that are proving difficult to come by, namely:

Amiga Format - Issue 46
Amiga Force - Issue 5
Amiga Power - Issue 26
CU Amiga - May 93
The One Amiga - Jan 92 / May 93

Do any kind souls actually own any of the above and are willing to scan the relevant Moonstone stuff and email or even sell their copy to me? Full credit will obviously be given, but I'm figuring you'll want to do it more out of love for the Amiga / Moonstone that seeing your name up in lights! ;op

Please reply either here or via my email addy on the Tavern itself...


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