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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Was this because the Amiga had multiple chips to program and maybe the C compilers of the era didnt support all the chips?
Neither C nor assembler know anything about the hardware as such - but C is preferably for O/S friendly stuff. If you want a game screen in C you allocate memory, open the graphics library, create a screen etc etc - in ASM if you have killed the O/S you can easily setup a screen of whatever dimensions you want, setup a custom copperlist changing colours with sprites appearing. I find hitting the hardware far easier than all the stuff you are supposed to do. And all the official ways to do things seem to end up much slower and less flexible.

Were the games for the Atari ST also done in assembler during that time?
Yep - and because both Amiga and ST shared the 68000 they were able to do those terrible ST ports relatively easily. The code for the games should be the same, but you have to modify how it loads files, displays graphics and plays sounds.

Almost every C64 game was assembler aswell - a few were a hybrid mix of BASIC and assembler (eg. Fruity/Players). AFAIK you couldn't get a C compiler on the C64.
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